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Ak Bulak

Сегодня мы ждем Вас на ночные катания! с 19:00 по 22:00





Dear friends!


    We invite you to the sports and health, ski resort «Ak Bulak» Hotel.

The most modern and diversified resort in the Republic of Kazakhstan located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level at the foot of the Zailiysky Alatau mountains, in the Soldiers Gorge, 35 km from the city of Almaty, near the city of Talgar.

  The only resort in the world, «Ak Bulak» Hotel, which offers you:

  • two comfortable hotel complexes with 250 beds;
  • a ski stadium equipped with a gondola, cableway, chairlift, ski lift, travelators for comfortable skiing, snowboarding, balloons;
  • a year-round ice and concert complex with stands for 500 seats, focused on holding competitions in hockey, figure skating and short track, with the necessary transformation, the ice arena becomes a sports ground for competitions in volleyball, gymnastics and dance;
  • restaurant with a capacity of up to 250 seats, with an open terrace to the enchanting landscapes of Zailiysky Alatau;
  • two indoor pools with saunas and SPA treatments;
  • karaoke bar;
  • billiards;
  • table tennis;
  • sports grounds (basketball, football, volleyball, tennis court) located in the resort;
  • spacious conference rooms for corporate events, summits of national importance, seminars and trainings, sports and athletics meetings;
  • a modern center for sports medicine and rehabilitation., Which is equipped with advanced high-end equipment with the maximum possibilities for healing, prevention and recovery of the whole body.

And the pride of our complex is the Ak Bulak Children's Health Camp, which annually gives joy and vivid impressions to our children.

Resort hotel “Ak Bulak” is a high service, friendliness and love!



Winter season

Winter is a great time of year for those who love an active lifestyle!

We invite you:

- go skiing and snowboarding along the slopes of various difficulty categories

- spend unforgettable balloon rides with children on a specially equipped slope

- go ice skating in the professional arena of the ice palace

- enjoy the crystal clear air and the majestic beauty of the mountain peaks

- after repeated descents from snow-capped peaks, saunas, spa treatments and refreshing pool water will help restore strength

- taste delicious dishes of European and Asian cuisine in our restaurant "Alatau"

At your service:

- comfortable, reliable gondola, cable and rope tows, travelators

- professional instructors for easy skiing and snowboarding

- equipment rental, repair and improvement of ski equipment

- cozy atmosphere of the resort hotel Ak Bulak

- ice concert complex

Spring Summer Autumn

In these warm seasons, nature demonstrates its true beauty, but only here you can have a great time against the backdrop of charming mountain landscapes!

We invite you

- to carry out a train to the top of the mountain on the gondola and chairlift roads.

- ride on scenic mountain bike trails

- arrange breathtaking ATV races

- make horse riding

- stroll through our open spaces, picking mushrooms and berries

- have a nice picnic on the shore of a mountain river

—Taste delicious dishes on the open terrace with stunning landscapes of Zailiysky Alatau

—Skate on the professional arena of the ice palace

—To undergo treatment at the medical center


Modern European-style design of the hotel,and high-quality environmentally friendly materials were used during construction,independent heating system and individual climate control systems in rooms, electronic lock system, automatic fire extinguishing system, and technical equipment make Ak Bulak Hotel an  elite one.

The cozy bright rooms of the three categories "Suite", "Junior Suite" and "Standard" are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and good rest

All roms have intra-city, long distance and international phone call service,and are equipped with cable television, electronic safe-box,hair-drier, soft bathrobes and slippers, health (hygienic) aids, and mini-bar.


The ski stadium at Ak Bulak Resort has pistes of varying difficulty.

For beginners and children, the Balapan ski school is perfect

Located 50 meters south of Ak-Bulak Hotel. The slope of the ski school, equipped with a ski lift. 250m long and 40 to 80m wide, the slope is designed for those who take their first steps on skiing and snowboarding.

For fans of all levels, the “Solnechnaya”, “Birch” and “Ak SU” tracks are suitable

A fascinating descent of more than 2.5 km awaits you there, among picturesque places where coniferous forests alternate with birch groves and intersect with mountain rivers. The descents and ascents are a real fantastic trip in the mountains of Zailiysky Alatau.

For fans of freeride tracks "Dombra" "FanPark"

Dombra is an excellent slope for freeriding, the steepness of the slope from 22 degrees in some places reaches 55 degrees. Amazing sections of the descent are held both in open places and among the Tien Shan firs. The enormous mass of white fluffy snow and an amazing panorama will leave an indelible impression on you. But be careful, this slope is only for well-trained riders, it has only black tracks!

 Trails in FanPark are designed for off-piste riders of intermediate and higher levels. They are located in the forest zone and you are in a state of maximum communication with nature



New ski lifts from the world's leading manufacturers Doppelmayr - Austria and Leitner - Italy are installed at the ski stadium.

Gondola cableway KGD-1

Leitner - Italy

length 2351 m

height difference 1652 m - 2006 m

cabins for 8 passengers

travel speed 6.0 m / s

Chairlift KKD-2

Leitner - Italy

length 1350 m

elevation difference 2004 m - 2664 m

steam room

movement speed 1.6 - 2.3 m / s


Chairlift KKD-3

Doppelmayr - Austria

Length 800 m

height difference 1651 m - 1760 m

steam room

movement speed 1.6 - 2.3 m / s

Cableway KBD-4

Doppelmayr - Austria

length 250 m

height difference 1632 m - 1674 m

movement speed 1.6 m / s

Baby Lift - Austria

a lift for transportation on a ballooning track - snow tubing.

length 200 m

movement speed 1.3m \ sec


The year-round Ice Concert Complex with stands for 500 seats is a unique structure that meets all modern requirements for hosting sporting events at the international level. The complex is focused on holding competitions in hockey, figure skating and short track. The ice arena is universal. With the necessary transformation, it becomes a sports ground for volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis, gymnastics, boxing and ballroom dancing competitions. In the premises of the ice complex it is possible to carry out training camps in almost all sports effectively and conveniently.


“Ak Bulak” spa - emphasize your beauty!

  • warm and friendly welcome
  • atmosphere of peace and tranquility
  • professional recommendations for your health and beauty
  • high-quality procedures that meet the highest requirements

• qualified masters in face and body

Welcome to Ak Bulak ...

Creating an atmosphere of complete relaxation, peace and comfort for our guests, we offer various types of massage, spa treatments for face and body care, as well as offer personally designed programs and complexes for healing the whole body and relaxation. To solve aesthetic and health problems, our masters use exclusively high-quality elite cosmetic products.

The concept and philosophy of Ak Bulak ...

Atmospheres Ak Bulak Spa provides every guest with the opportunity to escape from the noisy city streets and everyday worries, plunge into the bliss of feeling their body and life itself, trust the touches of the caring hands of the masters, relax their body, mind and soul, feel inner harmony and return to the world with renewed - This is the philosophy of the Atmospheres Spa “Ak Bulak”.

Salt cave

In 90% of cases, halotherapy courses (dedication to a salt cave) protect children for 5–7 months from acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, while the remaining children are more likely to tolerate the disease and recover faster. A visit to the salt cave for preventive purposes (halogen) twice a week in the autumn-spring period can significantly reduce the likelihood of illness for children and adolescents, as well as the risk of complications.

Indications for use of the salt cave:

  • During rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation of patients with asthma, abstructive bronchitis, seasonal bronchitis, COPD.
  • In chronic bronchitis (without purulent sputum).
  • In order to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis, hay fever.
  • For ENT pathology, frequent acute respiratory viral infections in children.
  • During postoperative rehabilitation of the respiratory system.
  • In case of a malfunction of the immune system, the restoration of frequently ill children.
  • For the prevention of pulmonary and allergic diseases.
  • For the treatment of atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, teenage acne, to improve the condition and improve the skin.
  • If you quit smoking, to restore the functions of the broncho-pulmonary system.

• To reduce depression and psycho-emotional discharge.




The Ak Bulak restaurant invites you to taste the most exquisite cuisine.

A breakfaste at the hotel's restaurant will satisfy the tastes of even sophisticated gourmet. and will make your rest spicier, and improve your mood for the whole day.

Lunches can be served as a buffet lunch or a big lunch table.

We are also ready to satisfy your whishes for lunch:our cooks will offer you a variety of salads, snacks,first and main hot courses,

desserts,and our chef will cook an ordered dish especially for you.

Dinner or corporate banquets may become a solemn accord of an opening or final of your corporate summit.

We will offer you an exclusive menu for a banquet for 250 people, and an assortment of bar menu:elite whiskeys and cognacs,wines and beers, juices and other soft drinks.

For special occasions the lobby and restaurant of the hotel will be decorated with garlands and balloons; we can arrange performance of Kazakhstan and foreign pop star, or exotic shows.

Сhildren's Сamp
Resort hotel "Ak Bulak" invites children from 7 to 14 years old in a children
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